Immunization Schedule

IAP Immunization Time Table

The recommended immunization schedule for Children

Vaccines Age (Completed Weeks/Months/Years)
Hepatitis-B Administer Hep-B vaccine to all newborns before hospital discharge
  • All doses of IPV4 if former is unaffordable/unavailable
  • Addtional doses of OPV on all supplementary Immunization activities (SIAS)
  • Two doses if IPV instead of 3 for primary series if started at 8 weeks interval between the doses
Rotavirus 2 doses of RV-1 and 3 doses of RV-5
Rotavirus Only 2 doses of RV1 are recommended at present
Hepatitis-B The final (third or fourth) dose in the HepB vaccine series should be administered no earlier than age 24 weeks and atleast 16 weeks after the first dose
Hepatitis-A For both killed and live hepatitis-A vaccines, 2 doses are recommended
  • The risk of breakthrough Varicella is lower if given 15 months onwards
  • The first booster(4th dose) may be administerd as early as age 12 months, provided at least 6 months have elapsed since the third dose.
Hepatitis-A For both killed and live hepatitis-A vaccines 2 doses are recommended
Typhoid Typhoid revaccination every 3 years, if Vipolysaccharide vaccine is used.
MMR The second dose can be given at any time 4-8 weeks after the 1st dose.
Varicella The second dose can be given at anytime 3 months after the 1st dose.
Tdap Tdap is prepared to Td followed by Td every 10 years.
HPV Only for females, 3 doses at 0, 1-2 (depending on brands) and 6 months.